Our Ten Commitments

Our Ten Commitments are the foundation of our program. They are the promises we make to players and players make to us in return.

TEAM to Players:


To promote openness, honesty, and safety in all aspects of the relationship.


To ensure access to top-quality facilities, training, coaching, competition, officiating, and education.


To encourage and support the player’s professional development and advancement, whether in sport or otherwise, and tailor that support to the player’s specific abilities and needs.


To provide financial and other assistance for necessities so that the efforts of the player may be dedicated to their personal and professional development and RPC and Team activities.


To present and allow the player to pursue opportunities as they arise, provided doing so does not adversely impact the player’s short-term commitments to the Team.

Players to Team:


To work openly, honestly and safely with the Team and its officials, coaches, trainers and staff.


To in all matters promote and represent RPC and the Team with integrity and professionalism, and comply with the RPC Code of Conduct.


To honor and respect the World Rugby Laws of Rugby Union and playing charter and treat all officials, opposing coaches and players respectfully and courteously.


To treat all teammates, Team coaches, trainers and staff respectfully and courteously.


To make the best of this opportunity.