Rugby Players Challenge (RPC) is an international rugby union competition for national teams competing in the RPC Summer Series.

Rugby Players Challenge Summer Series

RPC’s mission is to advance the personal and professional development of the person through Rugby Union.

From May through August 2024 Vancouver Highlanders will host approximately 10 matches against visiting National Teams at select venues in Metro Vancouver.  The team that fares best against us will have their name eternally engraved on the Rugby Players Challenge Cup, an historic sterling silver rugby trophy crafted in England in 1889.

As the RPC Summer Series evolves the Highlanders will partner with visiting nations to promote fun aspects of their culture at our matches: Summer Octoberfest, Carnival, Cinco de Mayo, Caribbean Days, are all possibilities.  Sport, after all, is entertainment and our mission is to make each game a memorable event.

A critical component of the Summer Series is the involvement of the BC Rugby Union and its member clubs, without which none of this would be possible. Vancouver Highlanders Rugby and all our players are proud members of the BC Rugby Union. We are optimistic that this new annual competition will supercharge the development of rugby, both in British Columbia and across our great nation. To that end our intense competition schedule will necessitate big contributions from members of our Reserve Team, particularly on June 28 when we will mobilize our entire squad.